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A perfect domain name can hold your brand value perfectly. So it is very important to think over and over before choosing a domain name for your business website.

Features included with each domain

We want to make sure of your flexible movement with your domain. So for that, we have included some rich features with each domain you purchase.

DNS management: DNS stands for Domain Name System. To manage it we are providing the full control of lifetime DNS management. DNS will help you to move your domain name to any server.

Domain theft protection: No one can take your domain without your permission. You can lock your domain. So your domain will be safe.

Easy control panel: To control and configure emails we provide you the latest and easy control panel. You can renew and buy other services so easily.

How to choose a top level domain name

A domain name represents your business. So you have to choose a domain that matches your business. Most of the time the domain name should be exactly the brand name. But in different cases, you can choose a unique and meaningful one.

Here we’ve discussed some points from our experiments that help you to choose a suitable domain name.

Always try to choose top-level domains TLDs like .com .net .org which is highly recommended. But in some cases, you may need to go with other TLDs like .biz .info .to and which one would be perfect for your business. It depends on your website type. If you are moving for a commercial website, you have to choose the .com extension. Same way if you have a community or network on anything you would better go for .net extension.

You have to experiment with TLDs. Always do research before choosing an extension. It helps you know the worth of the extension you want to use for your website. From the information, you can choose a good spelled domain name.

Choosing short names could be the best idea. Pick a short and easy to spell name. This way people can remember your site name easily. And then there is a great chance to get hit on your website directly.

Register your domain name from a trusted registrar. Make sure you are provided the full control panel of your domain name.

Please let us know if you have any questions.