WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Introduction


WordPress is a content management system that helps you to control all the contents of your website. You can maintain your own website professionally by using it. The best thing is that it is open-source software where you can handle your website even if you’re not a coder. You would get all the functionalities you need to build and handle a website.

WordPress has a large directory where you can find useful themes and plugins for your website. Themes ensure the outlook of your website. On the other hand, plugins ensure the functionalities and programs of your website. All free themes and plugins are stored in the WordPress directory.

You can build your own themes if you’re a coder. Don’t worry if you’re not a coder. You can collect a free theme for your website. Or else you can purchase premium themes from ThemeForest which is a property of the Envato marketplace. Premium WordPress themes have a lot of professional functionalities. You don’t need any coding knowledge to control a professional website.

Same like premium themes you can find premium plugins in Codecanyon. It is another property of the Envato marketplace. Here you can find some special WordPress plugins that help you with a lot of prebuilt programs. You can easily guide your website by using all the options of WordPress.

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

You can use WordPress in two ways. WordPress.com is a system where you can use the WordPress directory to publish your content. Here you have to use a sub-domain under the WordPress directory. That means your website address will look like (xyz.wordpress.com). But you can purchase a domain name to integrate with your free hosted WordPress website. So you will get both Free & Premium options.

WP content management system is a software to control all the front end and back end functionalities of a website. You can get a download option on the WordPress.org website. If you have a WordPress hosting, you don’t need to download the WP content management system from the website. You will get the software pre-installed in your cPanel. However, you can also find the software to install in a shared hosted cPanel.

WordPress dashboard

WordPress CMS has a dashboard where you can find or add a lot of panels. These panels help you to make any changes or control your website.

Each and every functionality you need to control your website, you can get it in a WordPress dashboard. You can add more extra functionalities by using WordPress plugins.

WordPress themes

The front end of your WordPress website mostly depends on the WordPress theme you are using for your site.

WordPress theme is a gathering of some web programs that helps you to build your site’s interface. You can find so many functionalities integrated with a WordPress theme. These functionalities help you to change your website’s outlook.

In the WordPress themes directory, you will find a lot of free themes. But there are also many premium themes in the marketplaces like ThemeForest. These free themes have professional and powerful features and functionalities to control your website dynamically.

WordPress plugins

A WordPress plugin is a kind of application that integrates your WP website with a new function. That means you can add functions on your WP dashboard.

WP plugins work like addons that add extra panels in the dashboard. You can use it for so many different functions.

There are a lot of plugins in the WP plugins directory. But you can find more premium plugins in many marketplaces. Premium plugins have advanced options to integrate with your website.

Final comment

WordPress nowadays a great solution for website owners to control their websites. The best thing is that it is open-source software. You can use it for free and build a website with zero coding knowledge. You just need to know the use of options and various kinds of plugins. It’s revolutionary for the web development arena.

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