Top useful WordPress plugins for new websites

wordpress plugins

WordPress plugins are some extra programs that help to integrate your website with extra functionalities.

WordPress is a free CMS tool that helps to build professional websites. You can find here every component to build a website in WordPress.

When you need some extra functions for your website, you can integrate the plugin which has the function you need.

WordPress plugins directory has a huge collection of different free plugins. You can add almost every kind of functionalities for your website. That’s why WordPress is popular that much.

Let’s see which plugin I have for you as a recommendation…

Useful WordPress plugins

There are many plugins to use. You can find a huge stock of free WordPress plugins in their directory.

But you can also purchase premium plugins from marketplaces like Envato. Paid themes would provide you advance functionalities.

But most of the time you can work with free plugins smoothly.

Here we are going to show you some important plugins. These plugins integrate your website with must needed functionalities.

Rank Math

It is an essential SEO plugin. Search engine optimization is an important path to get a targeted audience from search engines like Google.

Rank math will help you to do proper on-page optimization.

This free plugin will guide you to create SEO friendly contents. The plugin offers a very simple and easy rich snippet feature. And everything is for free.

I will go for Rank Math always when it comes to an SEO plugin.

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Smart Slider 3

You must want to present your product, service or content in an interesting way to get hits.

A slider plays an important role as a showcase of your content. You can use sliders in several places on your website. It also creates value for your website’s interface.

Smart Slider 3 is my favorite name of a plugin that integrates professional slider functionalities.

And yes, It’s for free.

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You will need to create different pages for your website. These pages may help you in some ways.

So you have to create them professionally. If your pages do not create a good impression to the users, you’re not going to make well.

Here comes another necessary plugin to build pages…

Elementor has a great function to build drag & drop pages. That means you don’t need any coding knowledge to customize your pages.

There are two parts of the Elementor page builder, one is free and another one is premium. But you can perform all you need in the free version for sure.

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Smush Image Compression & Optimization

Images are sometimes too big, right? And this issue has been hampering your loading speed.

You must need images for your content. But sometimes pictures become extreme in wet. When the size of your image is big, there is a chance your site gets extra load time.

So for reducing the loading time, the Smush plugin could help you to optimize images. It reduces the image size and increases speed.

Don’t worry! It won’t affect your image quality.

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Ninja Forms

Forms are a very important part of a corporate professional website. You must need to create a contact form to contact you.

You could lose a potential deal if you don’t have forms.

Ninja Forms is a free form building plugin. It holds all the essential functionalities to create a professional form. Non-coders can build a dynamic form so easily.

You may need different types of forms for your valuable website. So this plugin could make you free of hassles with it’s easy to use interface.

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Final words

There are more useful WordPress plugins to use. But these five will help you to swot out five important matters for your website. Every WordPress website should use these good quality plugins.

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